Managed Telecommunications

Communication with your customers is among the most important aspects of running your business.  Utilize the most customizable and advanced telecom services available.

We can provide everything you need to communicate internally and externally.  When we manage your phone system, we can provide you with everything you need, including nationwide local and toll free numbers, physical desk phones, mobile phone apps, softphone web interfaces, web conferencing and chat capabilities. 

Let us show you how a streamlined solution can make your everyday business life so much smoother.

Managed Computer Services

Maintain all of your technical infrastructure that's needed to keep your business operating 24/7.  

Business in a box solutions, we maintain all of your infrastructure.

Workstations, Servers, Data backups, failovers and migrations, security systems, mobile device management, and disaster recovery.  

Looking to startup a new business? Look no further!  MN Hosting can provide all of the equipment and services to get your company up and running providing all the required hardware, services, and software you need to get going, all under one roof.